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Words from Chief Attorney/ Senior Partner:

This was written On August, 2014, the year when Hubei Wisdom Law Firm relocated its office at Han Street Headquarters International, and in memory of the bitter sweetness in founding our law firm and in establishing legal career of ours.

The Chinese characters '维思德' are transliterated from English word 'Wisdom' as pronounced by itself, it is obvious that we like the word 'wisdom' as we want to be the kind of person full of wisdom, since many of us are for a lifelong time being confused with many things. The word 'wisdom' shares with the word 'water' the same initial letter 'W'. This is important to us because there is the old Chinese saying that the utmost kindness is like water, and the pictograph of the character '法'(law) has three drops of water, connection of both expresses our faith in the goodness of law. '思' means thinking which is the fountainhead of wisdom of our people and the basis on which we grow to be one of the top law firms in Hubei Province.

It is fair to say that water is the mascot of our firm, which is vividly reflected on the round-shaped icon. The image is the boundless ocean with the sun and the moon above it, the wavy sketch of the ocean water is also the broad image of the letter 'W'. The pictograph of the combination of the sun and the moon is the brightness(明), the ocean and also the law firm are thus showering under the bright lights of the justice of law. The image omens the prosperous future of legal institution in China and our law firm, which are the utmost pursuit of our people.

For the past decade and more, we have with the support from our clients and the diligence of our professionals grown to be one of the most innovative and professional law firms in Hubei Province. We are now in an effort to provide legal services in a wider range of legal fields nationally and globally, thus we seek closer cooperation with our counterparts. I hope our clients and our colleagues will find Wisdom law firm brilliant.

Wei Yijun

August 18th, 2014

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