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Founded in 2001, WISDOM is one of the largest law firms providing a wide spectrum of legal services in Wuhan, Hubei province. Resided in Wuhan, the most robust economic zone in Middle China, Wisdom law firm has been for the past fifteen years serving state-owned enterprises, national banks, growing private corporations etc., and has earned great reputation among the national banks for its skillful practicing ability in settling bad loan cases. Wisdom is now continuing to provide to the banks, government bodies, and clients of other fields with high-quality legal services.

Wisdom is fully aware that its success is attained through the intelligence and diligence of our professionals and the team-work spirit. The attorneys have received profound legal trainings from renowned law faculties in a wide range of institutions, amongst which Wuhan University is the most popular one. But still, the long-standing Nankai University, and China University of Politics and Law are alma mater to some of our professionals. The versatile education backgrounds entitle the lawyers to work in an innovative and bold way to tackle hard cases.

Wisdom is proud to be capable of settling numerous bad loan cases for the banks, also clients from flourishing construction industry in Middle China favor Wisdom people to either represent them in the courts or provide legal advices on the non-lawsuit projects. Criminal cases regarding official misconducts and other kinds are areas where our lawyers have been practicing since the foundation of Wisdom. At present our lawyers have been immensely working on corporate governance and business conduct related legal fields to cater to the needs of markets. Our people never give up easily, as they know intelligence and hard-working never fail.

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